Jessica Ross. Actress, reporter, influencer & model from Los Angeles.

Jessica Ross is a well-known actress and reporter, appearing on television and in films; she has also written for several fashion blogs, been on Reality TV, and done much more. After taking time away until 2016, she returned to Hollywood where she began working as a host at WCOBM.In 2018, Jessica drew praise for her role in 15 Seconds Fame which premiered at Cannes and was short-listed for the Oscars. Other projects include showcasing businesses as a host for Big Review TV, highlighting her career as one of the keynote speakers at iTalk, presenting at the Hollywood Now Film Festival, reporting for Backstage Weekly, and being the LA Correspondent for Waves & Runways. 

Media outlets Jessica has been featured on include Indie Activity, Action Magazine, Voyage LA, Cinderella of New York, Juwai, It Can By You, Livein Style Magazine, Buzzfeed, and CBS.

Jessica, like many in the entertainment industry, has had to reset and adjust to life during the COVID pandemic. She is excited that 2020 is almost over and looking forward to 2021 when she is scheduled to have roles in two films, work on scripted and unscripted tv programs, as well as model in a fashion show .

IG @jessicarossofficial

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