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An Alice in Wonderland-inspired collection of fashion-meets-art was showcased by acclaimed fashion designer Pamela Quinzi in Wonderland Dreams.

On April 10th 2023, Pamela Quinzi, very well-known International Fashion Designer living in New York, had an art exhibition of her work at Wonderland Dreams, the most famous art immersive exhibit in New York City inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ painted by renowned artist Alexa Meade, at 529 5th Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. An…

My Model Therapy Takes a Stand Against Industry Pressures with Launch Party and Panel Discussion

Brooklyn, New York – Shereena Delgado, founder and curator of My Model Therapy, hosted alarge Launch Party & Panel Discussion on Saturday, April 22, 2023 was a great success,attracting attendees from the beauty, entertainment, styling, and fashion industries. The eventwas centered around the theme of Maintaining Unshakable Confidence and Self-esteem invarious industries, and featured a…

Pamela Quinzi ‘The Cinderella of New York’ takes over the Mediterranean Sea with her brand Kilame for a spectacular Fashion Show on Amazonia boat in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza meets New York through the Italian art of Pamela Quinzi, an extraordinary Fashion Designer, and entrepreneur. Ph credit:  Photofilmibiza  To have a vision about a brand is one thing, but to go all out, spare no effort and grind each day to turn that vision into a beautiful reality is a different thing altogether.…

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