Tasha Dwhaj. Fashion and Food Influencer.

Tasha Dwhaj is an entrepreneur, producer, model, live streamer, influencer and founder of Tash & Josh Kitchen Inc. Living and working in New York, Tasha is taking the Social Media ‘NEW’ world by storm. As a Fashion Influencer she is always part of New York Fashion Week attending Fashion Shows as a guest or model and being part of photoshoots collaborating with International designers such: Pamela Quinzi and Kilame Collection, Prashant Goyal of Heritage India Fashions. Working with the prestigious PR companies Concierge Q and Everyday Opera she always attends major social events such: The Opening of the MET, Guggenheim Museum and many more, reporting with LIVE videos and interviews.

Tasha loves the Fashion and Art world but she has also even bigger passions: Food and Travels.

Photo Artbullyklr

Along with her partner Joshua Yoo, Tasha is the CEO of Tash & Josh Kitchen Inc. She hosts a LIVE stream cooking show on Up Live USA and MICO platforms with International following of people around the world. She is also founder of an after school cooking club with the 6th Graders at MS 358 in Jamaica, Queens where she and Josh teach the next generation how to find their way around the kitchen.

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